ALC20 1


The Matco ALC20 Arm wrapper is a fully automatic arm wrapper. This wrapper will fit easily into your existing or new conveyor system. It is possible to integrate a topsheet dispenser for dust proof packaging of your product. This wrapper is standard equipped with a driven prestretch, a film clamp, cutter and fixation unit.


Advantages Matco ALC20 armwrapper

Arm wrapper

Driven pre-stretch up to maximal 300%
Film clamp-, cut- and fixation-unit
Extensive menu control with full-colour touch screen
Customer specific
Up to 50 pallets p.h.
Special options possible for specific pallet sizes or products.


Minimum installation height 4100 mm
Safety fences with safety beam, Class IV protection
Arm bearing with external gear
Frequency controlled rotation arm, filmcarriage, filmfeed and conveyors
Capacity +/- 50 pallets /h
speed 20 rpm
Powersupply 3 x 400V + N, 50Hz, ground

Film width 500 mm
Film thickness 15 - 30 µ
Max. filmroll diameter 300 mm
Collet diameter 76 mm
Driven pre-stretch system with feedback
Maximum pre-stretch 300%

Pallet sizes
Maximum pallet size 1200 x 1000 mm
Maximum load height (inc. pallet) 2400 mm
Maximum load 1500 kg

Top sheet dispenser for dustproof or rainproof packaging
Low conveyor 80 mm - 600 mm
Easy to operate
Seal unit or Sealstar to melt the end layer to the previous layer
Hold down plate
Special photocell for dark load/film


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